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Travel Outfits

Travel Outfits

Hello Summer.

Hello Road Trips, Brunch Dates, Outdoor Concerts, and Family Vacations.

If you're anything like me, I love getting new outfits for trips. There's something about being at a new destination or event and having something brand new to put on. Anyone else? I know I can't be alone in this. 

I love a good airplane outfit. Something Comfortable, but still cute. Especially when you know you have plans as soon as you land at your vacay destination.

So we've got you covered. Here our our Top 5 Travel Outfits for the Summer.


|| The Airplane Outfit for a Family Vacation ||

Comfortable but cute. The requirements needed when traveling with a group, especially little ones.

Pair your favorite oversized graphic tee with leggings and a hat. 

@babybottlesandbeauty wearing: Cat Hair Don't Care


|| Girls Trip Travel Outfit ||

Traveling with your girlfriends? A Comfy Midi Dress with a backpack is the way to go. Let's face it. You're basically wearing the dress version of lounge wear. We call that a win. 

@stacieleeborges_mua wearing: SNEAK PEEK of our new Camo Midi Dress launching Monday at 6pm.


|| Beach Vacay Outfits ||

Kimono's and Maxi Dresses. The most versitile pieces to bring to the beach with you. Kimono's can be worn over your favorite shorts and tank, and double as a coverup. Maxi dresses become the staple to throw on when your not sure what to wear. 

Tropical Leaf Kimono

 @jacsss__ wearing Floral Maxi Dress


|| Outdoor Concerts and Festivals ||

A basic tank is a favorite to travel with. You can dress it up to for so many occasions and completely change the look of it. 

@lookatccglow wearing Linen Button Tank


|| Workout on Vacay||

So you may or may not workout on Vacay, but a good comfortable pair of leggings is a must for every trip.

@kglocke13 wearing: Mesh Panel Leggings


Happy Summer






Blaire Spriggs

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