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Spring Break Packing List - Warm Weather Edition

Spring Break Packing List - Warm Weather Edition

With Spring Break right around the corner it's time to start planning what to wear. Am I right? For me the travel outfit is just as important as what I'm wearing to the beach, out on a bike ride, or to dinner that night. Cute and Comfortable is the name of the game for me. 
Here are some of our top picks for the Spring Break Travel Season

What to wear when traveling:

Our White Slouchy Top is a perfect travel option. Soft and lightweight, with a loose body make it a top contender for cute + comfortable. 
Layers. I love to layer when traveling. There's just something cozy about it, Right? Our Loose Fit Jumpsuit paired with our Knit Vest scream comfort yet put together. Basically you can feel like your wearing sweatpants but actually look like you didn't just roll out of bed. 

What to wear for dinners and a night out exploring your destination:

Jumpsuits. You really can't go wrong. The Floral Navy Jumpsuit is a true stand out piece.
Floral Maxi Dress - something everyone needs in their closet. Not sure of the dress code for dinner: this dress is sure to fit all occasions.
Going out for a more casual dinner? The Open shoulder top is the answer. Oversized - because let be real, you're eating dessert on vacay - yet still holds a flattering shape. Lightweight and comfortable for a night out exploring too.

Beach Wear:

Say it with me - Loose fit hoodie. Layer it over any swim suit to cut the cool ocean breeze. 
The Charcoal Maxi Dress is another great option to throw on over any swimsuit - especially if you're just running up the beach for a quick lunch. Dress + Coverup = best day ever.
A Waflle Knit Tie Top paired with your favorite jean shorts is another great option to wear for a beach day. 

Lounging Around

The real reason for Vacation. The Camo Joggers are exactly what you need. Pair them with our Today's Outfit tee and you're ready to go.
Hello Spring Break 2019. Enjoy your Vacation. 
Thank you to @jacsss_ for some of the photos used in this post. Check out her Instagram for some seriously cute shopping ideas!
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