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On the Go Snacks

On the Go Snacks

I love snacks, and I have a major sweet tooth. It's a terrible combination. 
Thankfully over the years I have tried enough "healthy" snacks that I can for sure tell you what not to get. 
As I said in another blog post, one of my goals for 2020 is to SIMPLIFY. So I started thinking back to what I did when I was a super busy hairstylist for healthier snacks that were EASY and convenient... back when I was addicted to health and fitness. 
How in the world had I forgotten about these? It's been about a year since I had one and I recently fell back in love with these bars. Here is why I LOVE them.
  • They really are delish. 
  • They have 13-14 grams of protein 
  • They curb my sweet tooth
  • Most flavors have less than 5 grams of sugar (so much less than the 47 grams of sugar in a reeses)
  • They have a ton of flavors

Power Crunch Bars - GAME CHANGER

My personal favorite flavors are

I had no idea that cookies and cream existed, YALL it's so good. It might have tied my favorite of chocolate mint. (PS pop them in the freezer and they will change your life)

So if you want to try them individually I totally recommend you run to Sprouts. They seem to carry a large variety of flavors.
You can grab this variety pack from amazon and try several flavors.
( I have no idea why the reviews are terrible.. you're going to have to trust me on this one)



Another one of my favorite options to grab in the morning if I have to run out the door is the Premier Protein Shakes.

Guys these are one of the few protein shakes that my husband and I agree on. 

My personal favorite is the Chocolate. I did recently try the Cookies and Crème, and I like it but man it's a lot sweeter. Might try this one in the freezer soon. 

They have a killer price on a variety pack if you want to try all 7 of their flavors.

If you're like me and already know what you like, here's a quick link to a few of the flavors too.




SIMPLE tip: put one in the freezer for about an hour before you leave for a workout. Take it with you to the gym, and by the time you are finished with your workout, It will still be cold and ready for a post workout protein fix. 

I hope you love these quick snacks as much as I do. Drop a comment if you already love these.. I'd love to hear your favorite flavor!



Blaire Spriggs

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