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Athleisure - The real reason I created the Strong Tank

Athleisure - The real reason I created the Strong Tank

Hey there!
Blaire Here. Lets chat athleisure. My favorite collection of clothing. You might workout. You might not. You're the only one who knows. 
But lets get real for a minute. Working out isn't always that glorious. I mean I LOVE to workout but sometimes nothing you wear makes you feel STRONG or empowered. Am I right? 
As a group fitness instructor - people think I am this confident, wildly positive person. To be real, I am 99% of the time. I genuinely love getting in front of a group of women (and a few of my regular guys) and leading workouts. Watching someone learn my choreography for the first time - or finally have the courage to grab the 15lb weights instead of the 10lb weights is seriously the best feeling EVER. Having someone stop you after class to tell you that's the most fun they have had all week - I mean come on - nothing feels better than that. 
Sometimes before I teach, I change shirts 5 times. Not even being dramatic. You should see my closet floor. Why? Because. My favorite shirt from last week all of a sudden doesn't feel like my favorite anymore. No good reason at all. I just want to feel confident in my outfit. I have to be honest and say I am at the heaviest weight I have been in a few years. There are so many valid reasons as to why I have put on some weight too - but it doesn't make it any easier. Miscarriage, skin allergies, several new medicines, new career. Like I said, all valid reasons. BUT I know I am STRONGER than this.
Now that I got that super vulnerable post out of the way, (thanks Lynn for the encouragement to share) You now know the reason I created a few of our Athleisure Tops. 


 When you see this definition it's clear to say you are STRONG. Right?

Be Strong. 

And look cute in this tank.



Blaire Spriggs

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