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2020 Goals + Spinach Lemonade?

2020 Goals + Spinach Lemonade?

So I am an all or nothing kind of girl. For example, I either work until midnight, or I stay in my PJs all day. I eat super clean or I eat cookie dough for dinner. There no in between for me.
About 6 years ago I was OBSESSED with eating healthy and working out - like to the point that I took the fun out of everything. I can remember when I went to the Cheesecake Factory with a group of friends and I literally drank water. That's it. I ate tuna before I went so I wouldn't be hungry. Seriously. 

So.. all of that to say my #1 goal for 2020 is to find balance and simplicity. I know that sounds so cliché but for me that's a big deal. 

Balance with food: I am going to find balance with eating for nutrition but finding things I still enjoy. I am going to simplify nutrition and not worry about EVERY detail. 

Balance with work: I am going to simplify Charlie & Grace. As you may know I had a full time team of 20 ambassadors. I love those girls but I found that managing and balancing a team took away time from things that I truly enjoy. So in 2020 we are doing incredibly simple collabs I am going to simplify and go back to launching some items myself and being ok with being a true small business. 

Simplify my workouts: I love to dance and I love lifting. I am going to take 2 dance classes a week and put together a 3 day split of just strict lifting. I was in the best shape of my life when I simply hit the weights and I loved it. SIMPLE. 
So over the next few weeks I will share some of my SIMPLE snacs, shakes, meals, and my workout split too. 
I'll start with this really simple drink packed with nutrients, vitamins, and is my favorite pick me up first thing in the morning. I find that when I start the day right I tend to make better choices all day.

SO hear me out here... It doesn't look or sound that delish but trust me. For a great way to pack in nutrients and vitamins it's actually pretty good. My good friend Emily introduced me to a version of this and I was SHOCKED at how good it actually was. 

Spinach Lemonade
    Dump it all in a blender that will liquify everything. Enjoy! 
    As you get more brave you might consider adding even more spinach. If that makes you nervous, start with half a cup - some is better than none right?

    Happy New Year!
    Blaire Spriggs

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