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Travel Outfits

Travel Outfits

Hello Summer.

Hello Road Trips, Brunch Dates, Outdoor Concerts, and Family Vacations.

If you're anything like me, I love getting new outfits for trips. There's something about being at a new destination or event and having something brand new to put on. Anyone else? I know I can't be alone in this. 

I love a good airplane outfit. Something Comfortable, but still cute. Especially when you know you have plans as soon as you land at your vacay destination.

So we've got you covered. Here our our Top 5 Travel Outfits for the Summer.


|| The Airplane Outfit for a Family Vacation ||

Comfortable but cute. The requirements needed when traveling with a group, especially little ones.

Pair your favorite oversized graphic tee with leggings and a hat. 

@babybottlesandbeauty wearing: Cat Hair Don't Care


|| Girls Trip Travel Outfit ||

Traveling with your girlfriends? A Comfy Midi Dress with a backpack is the way to go. Let's face it. You're basically wearing the dress version of lounge wear. We call that a win. 

@stacieleeborges_mua wearing: SNEAK PEEK of our new Camo Midi Dress launching Monday at 6pm.


|| Beach Vacay Outfits ||

Kimono's and Maxi Dresses. The most versitile pieces to bring to the beach with you. Kimono's can be worn over your favorite shorts and tank, and double as a coverup. Maxi dresses become the staple to throw on when your not sure what to wear. 

Tropical Leaf Kimono

 @jacsss__ wearing Floral Maxi Dress


|| Outdoor Concerts and Festivals ||

A basic tank is a favorite to travel with. You can dress it up to for so many occasions and completely change the look of it. 

@lookatccglow wearing Linen Button Tank


|| Workout on Vacay||

So you may or may not workout on Vacay, but a good comfortable pair of leggings is a must for every trip.

@kglocke13 wearing: Mesh Panel Leggings


Happy Summer






Blaire Spriggs
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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I love Mother's Day. Mommas truly deserve every day, but how fun is it that we can get one day to truly celebrate them.

I also realize how hard mother's day can be for some. To all of the ladies who desperately want a baby. I know the feeling. We were hoping this would be the year we would be able to celebrate with a baby of our own. To the ladies who have lost their mother - we see you - and we pray for you. I would imagine that this day never gets any easier for you.

Here's what I love about Mother's day. There is a mom somewhere in your life that deserves a day of celebration. Am I right? 

So here's to you Moms. A few gifts we LOVE.

To the Animal Loving Mom:

Paw Print Necklace

To the Easy Going Mom:

Cut Out Sandals

To the Crazy Cat Mom:

Cat Hair Don't Care

To The Vacation Loving Mom:

Tropical Print Kimono

To The Mom Who Loves To Shop:

Charlie & Grace Gift Card


Oh and we have a Mother's Day Giveaway Happening on our Instagram  - go nominate a Mom who deserves to win a $50 gift card.










Blaire Spriggs
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The Dallas Donation Collection

Happy Tuesday!
In case you have not noticed, we LOVE animals here at Charlie & Grace. 
So much, that we have created the Dallas Donation Collection.
Dallas- our youngest rescue pup- loves to give back. She has a collection of shirts and jewelry that are all have a larger donation value to our local animal rescue partners, Humane Tomorrow.
Recently we had the chance to collaborate directly with Humane Tomorrow and create a few shirts branded specifically for their rescue! Each of these shirts sold donates $9 directly to their rescue efforts.
Our hope is that you will consider these items when gifting to all animal lovers. Each item is tagged with a special message so that the recipient knows that their gift also contributed to a larger cause. 
You Shop. We Donate.
Blaire Spriggs
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Athleisure - The real reason I created the Strong Tank

Athleisure - The real reason I created the Strong Tank

Hey there!
Blaire Here. Lets chat athleisure. My favorite collection of clothing. You might workout. You might not. You're the only one who knows. 
But lets get real for a minute. Working out isn't always that glorious. I mean I LOVE to workout but sometimes nothing you wear makes you feel STRONG or empowered. Am I right? 
As a group fitness instructor - people think I am this confident, wildly positive person. To be real, I am 99% of the time. I genuinely love getting in front of a group of women (and a few of my regular guys) and leading workouts. Watching someone learn my choreography for the first time - or finally have the courage to grab the 15lb weights instead of the 10lb weights is seriously the best feeling EVER. Having someone stop you after class to tell you that's the most fun they have had all week - I mean come on - nothing feels better than that. 
Sometimes before I teach, I change shirts 5 times. Not even being dramatic. You should see my closet floor. Why? Because. My favorite shirt from last week all of a sudden doesn't feel like my favorite anymore. No good reason at all. I just want to feel confident in my outfit. I have to be honest and say I am at the heaviest weight I have been in a few years. There are so many valid reasons as to why I have put on some weight too - but it doesn't make it any easier. Miscarriage, skin allergies, several new medicines, new career. Like I said, all valid reasons. BUT I know I am STRONGER than this.
Now that I got that super vulnerable post out of the way, (thanks Lynn for the encouragement to share) You now know the reason I created a few of our Athleisure Tops. 


 When you see this definition it's clear to say you are STRONG. Right?

Be Strong. 

And look cute in this tank.



Blaire Spriggs
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Spring Break Packing List - Warm Weather Edition

Spring Break Packing List - Warm Weather Edition

With Spring Break right around the corner it's time to start planning what to wear. Am I right? For me the travel outfit is just as important as what I'm wearing to the beach, out on a bike ride, or to dinner that night. Cute and Comfortable is the name of the game for me. 
Here are some of our top picks for the Spring Break Travel Season

What to wear when traveling:

Our White Slouchy Top is a perfect travel option. Soft and lightweight, with a loose body make it a top contender for cute + comfortable. 
Layers. I love to layer when traveling. There's just something cozy about it, Right? Our Loose Fit Jumpsuit paired with our Knit Vest scream comfort yet put together. Basically you can feel like your wearing sweatpants but actually look like you didn't just roll out of bed. 

What to wear for dinners and a night out exploring your destination:

Jumpsuits. You really can't go wrong. The Floral Navy Jumpsuit is a true stand out piece.
Floral Maxi Dress - something everyone needs in their closet. Not sure of the dress code for dinner: this dress is sure to fit all occasions.
Going out for a more casual dinner? The Open shoulder top is the answer. Oversized - because let be real, you're eating dessert on vacay - yet still holds a flattering shape. Lightweight and comfortable for a night out exploring too.

Beach Wear:

Say it with me - Loose fit hoodie. Layer it over any swim suit to cut the cool ocean breeze. 
The Charcoal Maxi Dress is another great option to throw on over any swimsuit - especially if you're just running up the beach for a quick lunch. Dress + Coverup = best day ever.
A Waflle Knit Tie Top paired with your favorite jean shorts is another great option to wear for a beach day. 

Lounging Around

The real reason for Vacation. The Camo Joggers are exactly what you need. Pair them with our Today's Outfit tee and you're ready to go.
Hello Spring Break 2019. Enjoy your Vacation. 
Thank you to @jacsss_ for some of the photos used in this post. Check out her Instagram for some seriously cute shopping ideas!
Blaire Spriggs
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Spring Break Packing List - Cold Weather Edition

Spring Break Packing List - Cold Weather Edition

For all of you cold weather loving ladies- here are some must have items for you Spring Break Travel Plans! Warm and cozy is the name of the game here. 

Spring Break 2019 Cold Weather Packing Guide

Bring on the weekend plans with our Hello Weekend Sweatshirt. SO SOFT and cozy, you may never want to take it off. 

More of a tee shirt kinda girl? Our hello weekend tee is perfect to layer as you head out the door to grab a morning coffee. 

The Sherpa. A cold weather must have especially if you are always cold. Pair with leggings and cozy up by the fire with your favorite slippers.

Pair the Stripe Sweater with your favorite jeans when you're heading out to dinner. Stay cozy and so cute with this chenille textured sweater.

The Bubble Sleeve top is another favorite top to dress up. Date night, or dinner with the girls - you can't go wrong with this one.

We can't wait to hear all about your trip! Enjoy your Spring Break 2019. Send us some pics and we might just feature you in our next post.

Use code: COLDWEATER at checkout and save 15% off all of the tops listed in this post. 




Blaire Spriggs
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Who is Charlie & Grace

Who is Charlie & Grace

Oh Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Blaire and it's so exciting to say that I'm the owner of Charlie & Grace. We launched our business in June of 2018- and words can't even describe how thankful I am for the support of our incredible customers. 

So many people ask why I started Charlie & Grace. It's really not a simple answer but here's my best shot.

I've been a hairstylist for about 10 years now. Over the last year I discovered I has a pretty awful skin allergies a ton of the chemicals I was working with every single day. I knew deep down that my days were numbered as a stylist. 

My husband and I have always talked about owning a business, and let's just say that women's clothing was not on his top 10 list. His exact words were "I can't get excited about women's BLOUSES, but I can get excited about the business."

I have a huge passion for rescue animals. Like possibly an obsession. If you even mention to me that you are looking for a dog - watch out -I am now tagging you in every single dog post. I needed a way to give back and support animal rescue without bringing every single dog home. 

So here we are. All of this is why I started Charlie & Grace. We exist to give back. Each and every month we donate to a local animal rescue in some way. Typically is a $$ donation if our profits for that month support it. Sometimes it's a food and toy drive. This month we were able to be a sponsor at an upcoming Tuxes and Tail Fundraiser. Guys, let me tell you the joy I felt being able to make a $500 donation to Humane Tomorrow. I legit cried hitting the submit payment button. 

It's so much bigger than women's clothing for me. I LOVE people. Most people who are around me for 5 minutes can see that. How stinkin cool is it that I get to help ladies find clothing they love at an affordable price while saving all of the dogs in the world (we can have big goals right?). 

THANK YOU. I wish you could see the joy that comes with every single purchase you make from Charlie & Grace. YOU are the reason we are able to do what we do. 


Blaire Spriggs


Blaire Spriggs
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